If You're Reading This, That Means You Actually Care. Mellon Colin & Jimbo Thank You From the Bottom of Our Hearts.

Mellon Colin and the Infinite Party with Jimbo features the infamous "Hardcore Gentlemen" aka "The Sophisticated Animals" aka "Yo Jimbo! and The Kung Fu Konductor" coming to you live every Monday morning from midnight until 2am!
The radio show is hosted on on 91.7 WHUS and also via live broadcast over the internet.
You can download the podcast, too, if you're not up at that time for some reason. ;)

Some say they don't like hip-hop. Others say, "It's too early for me, and I don't want to listen to a recording." Some even call us "punks." And we couldn't be happier. That means people are hearing us. The Hardcore Gentlemen bring energy in abundance with us each and every time we go into the studio. We sacrifice sleep, academics and personal health in order to bring you the best show we possibly can week after week. Counter-balancing the best of the best underground hip-hop from Jimbo's regular trolling of the cavernous depths of the Internet with Mellon Colin's rather eclectic taste in rock & roll, often juxtaposing classics with current indie rock, and always talking about the most relevant topics we can think of. Enjoy!