ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Wu-Tang ClanInvestigative ReportsN/A2012/04/01Not winter anymore, but it's cold enough.
Wu-Tang ClanIt's YoursN/A2012/04/01Glad to have this album on wheels.
Wu-Tang ClanC.R.E.A.M.N/A2012/03/18
Wu-Tang ClanDuck SeazonN/A2012/03/11"My proposal rips the global..."
Wu-Tang ClanWu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing To Fuck WithN/A2012/02/19A seminal hip hop album.
Wu-Tang ClanClan In Da Front N/A2012/01/08WU WU WU WU WU WU WU!!!
Wu-Tang ClanDa Mystery Of Chessboxin' (Live)N/A2012/01/01Masta Killah kills that acapella.
Wu-Tang ClanDiesel Fluid (ft. Method Man, Trife Diesel, & Cappadonna)N/A2011/12/25Hope Meth rocks this verse on Tuesday night. Heard the other day that RZA will be doing the production on the as-yet-untitled final Method Man project. Expect the Ticallion Stallion to go out with some serious hype.
Wu-Tang ClanTearzN/A2011/11/20
Wu-Tang ClanDa Myster Of Chessboxin'N/A2011/10/23The ultimate classic.
Wu-Tang ClanLegendary Weapons (ft. Ghostface, AZ, MOP)N/A2011/10/23Ghostface's tonality has never sounded the same since RZA's audio filters were destroyed.
Wu-Tang Clan Meteor Hammer (ft. Ghostface, Action Bronson, & Termanalogy)N/A2011/10/16Ghost is so funny. He heard about the connections people were making between Action Bronson and him, so made this song.
Wu-Tang ClanDiesel Fluid (ft. Method Man, Trife Diesel, & Cappadonna)N/A2011/10/09One of the prime cuts off the new Wu-Tang joint.
Wu-Tang ClanDa Mystery Of Chessboxin'N/A2011/10/02Shout outs to DJ Dark Flow.
Wu-Tang ClanLegendary Weapons (ft. Ghostface, AZ, & M.O.P) [ Legendary Weapons]N/A2011/09/25"It's the killer bee color scheme"
Wu-Tang ClanThe Black Diamonds (ft. Ghostface, Roc Marciano, & Killa Sin) [ Legendary Weapons]N/A2011/09/19Best Wu-Tang collective release in 10 years easily.
Wu-Tang ClanProtect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)Legend Of The Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits2011/04/25The original pressing of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) had swears censored.
Wu-Tang ClanHeaterzWu-Tang Forever2010/11/27Most underrated cut on disc two
Wu-Tang Clan Camp FireN/A2010/10/30Not my favorite Wu album, but this was requested
Wu-Tang ClanShame On A NiggaN/A2010/05/02The title of GZA's classic album "Liquid Swords" was used to describe his tongue. The Wu saw their lyrics like a katana in a kung-fu movie.
Wu-Tang ClanDa Mystery Of Chessboxin'N/A2010/03/21You can never go wrong with Wu-Tang. I know we give them a lot of love, but check out the trailer for RZA's new movie:
Wu-Tang ClanHeaterzN/A2010/02/28With all the Wu-Tang I listen to, I can't believe I haven't heard this song before... Like I said, it's easy to become fixated on one album as good as 36 Chambers was.
Wu-Tang ClanProtect Ya Neck (The Jump On)N/A2009/12/30"Look who came in through the back door, it's THEM!"
Wu-Tang ClanTearzN/A2009/10/21A song about the sadness of loss... something that anybody who's ever lost anybody can
Wu-Tang ClanProtect Ya NeckN/A2009/10/14Who's pumped for this Wu-Tang playlist? What a great first single.
Wu-Tang ClanAs High As Wu-Tang GetN/A2009/10/14Wu-Tang was at the forefront of hip-hop's renaissance in the 90s, and this song is an example of that
Wu-Tang ClanTriumphN/A2009/10/14"Wu-Tang is here forever, mutha fuckas!"
Wu-Tang ClanC.R.E.A.M.N/A2009/10/14One of the best songs ever written, Method Man lays down one of the most rugged, smooth hooks ever.