ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
The StrokesReptiliaN/A2010/04/25I recently heard a rumor about a Strokes reunion. Hope there's some fact in that.
The StrokesBarely LegalN/A2010/02/03The Strokes simply understand what rock music is, and they make that music. Doesn't everyone wish they could make music like this?
The StrokesHard to Explain N/A2009/12/30The Strokes returned rock music its true form after it got skullfucked in the 90s.
The StrokesThe Modern AgeN/A2009/11/11It's cold again. I can listen to The Strokes.
The StrokesWhat Ever HappenedN/A2009/09/30For some reason, the coming of winter makes me want to listen to the strokes. Room on Fire is great, Pete