ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
RaekwonA Pinebox Story N/A2012/03/189th Wonder on the produce. Check out that free mixtape on Dat Piff!
Raekwon The Brewery (ft. Ceazar-n-Reason)N/A2012/03/18This beat bumps heavy in the whip.
Rashad & Confidence Let Me ExplainN/A2012/03/11My personal favorite album of 2011.
Ran ReedMission Impossible (ft. U.G. of Cellar Dwellas) N/A2012/02/26Be sure to cop this re-release!
Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw PoeticStreamlineN/A2012/02/26Try and get your hands on this 7".
Rashad & ConfidencePass Me ByN/A2012/02/26Rashad makes it easy to defend hip hop.
Frank NittRadioN/A2012/02/19Brick Records!
Rashad & ConfidencePen On DisplayN/A2012/02/19"Verbal marksman, filling pages with lead..."
Grave DiggazMommy What's A Grave Digga? (RZA Mix)N/A2012/02/19THE ORIGINAL, and better in the humble opinion of the DJ With No Name.
RaekwonSnake PondN/A2012/02/12Rae kind of dissed RZA with this album, but this joint rocked harder than any Wu-Tang joint since OB4CLII.
Ran ReedPass Da BuddaN/A2012/02/12Shout outs to for turning me on to this classic I was sleeping on.
Rashad & ConfidenceRumors Of WarN/A2012/02/12Every song on this is so tight. Channeling that 5%er consciousness.
Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic Day By DayN/A2012/02/12Damu is always holding down for the Golden Era.
Rashad & ConfidencUnderstandN/A2012/02/05One of my favorite albums of 2011. The consciousness/jazzy beats make the album great.
Rah BigalowRather Be Dead (ft. Primetime & Dartz Wit Intellect)N/A2012/02/05Love the twist at the end of this video. Rah Biga is a hustler extraordinaire!
Rashad & ConfidenceThe CityN/A2012/01/29The web ninjas have made it impossible for me to cop this album until today.
Ran Reed On And OnN/A2012/01/29Classic status.
Kool G RapTrain RobberyN/A2012/01/29A DJ With No Name request.
Aretha FranklinSince You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)N/A2012/01/22Only love for the heart-stopping Aretha.
Ella FitzgeraldMake Love to MeN/A2012/01/22So right.
Ray CharlesI've Got A WomanN/A2012/01/22Triflin'
Ras KassOrdo Abchao (Order Out Of Chaos)N/A2012/01/08FREE MUMBIA!!!
Rakaa (of Dialated Peoples) & 2Mex Right This WrongN/A2012/01/08FREE LEONARD PELTIER!!! END INDEFINITE POLITICAL IMPRISONMENT!!! FIGHT THE NDAA!!!
Rah Bigalow, Primetime, & Asylum LifetimeOohh BabyN/A2012/01/08A-Team!!!
Grap LuvaWork It OutN/A2012/01/01"Awaken your third eye."
Carmen McRaeYou Are The Sunshine Of My LifeN/A2012/01/01Thought highlighting some female jazz singers would be fun.
Ella FitzgeraldIf It Weren't For YouN/A2012/01/01Doesn't Get Any Better Than Ella/Damu remixes.
EmeraldsEmeraldsN/A2011/12/25Shout outs to ArchDruids for the produce on this rerelease!
Rah BigalowAbove Da RimN/A2011/12/25Big shout outs to New Britain-native DJ Massacre, bumping the beats while serving in Belgium. So many Wire shout outs in the track. Love that!
Rah BigalowWe Comin' (ft. Twyce)N/A2011/12/18Twyce is a classic head, and he absolutely destroys this verse.
Hell Razah (of Sunz Of Man)Return Of The Renaissance (ft. R.A. The Rugged Man)N/A2011/12/04Didn't even know about that surgery. Much love god.
Frank N DankMa DukesN/A2011/11/20"That is the sound of the blues."
ToraeThat RawN/A2011/11/13Pete Rock produce.
ToraeFor The RecordN/A2011/11/06Preem-O on this produce. He's always working on the illest underground albums.
Rasheed Chappell & Kenny DopeBuilding 8N/A2011/10/09Five Percent Nation in effect.
Erykah Badu & RahzelSouthern GulN/A2011/10/09We need more beatboxing in hip hop
Ella FitzgeraldFascinating RhythmN/A2011/10/09Taking it back.
Bronze NazerathThe PainN/A2011/10/09Dope Wu
The UnderachieversProfessional FuckeryN/A2011/10/02Great all around.
Grap LuvaWon't Stop (Remix)N/A2011/10/02
GangstagrassAin't No Stopping [ Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic]N/A2011/09/25Awesome hip hop/bluegrass fusion.
Ultramagnetic MCsCritical Beatdown [ Critical Beatdown]N/A2011/09/25Kool Keith & the crew.
RaekwonIncarcerated Scarfaces [ Only Built 4 Cuban Linxxx]N/A2011/09/25Got to pay homage to the classic.
Grap LuvaPower Bars (Remix) [ The Younger]N/A2011/09/19Never been released. Someone needs to get on that!
Gansta GrassNobody Gonna Miss Me [ Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic]N/A2011/09/19Great hip hop / bluegrass fusion.
Devendra BanhartDragonflys[ Cripple Crow]N/A2011/05/09Take me to the Kingdom. Watch out for those Dragon Hunters.
Devendra BanhartCripple Crow[ Cripple Crow]N/A2011/05/09Coverging myriad influences, is my man Devendra. It's all about introspection...
Eric B. & RakimMicrophone FiendFollow The Leader2011/05/02Obama might have found Bin Laden, but Eric B.'s still got my vote for president.
George Gershwin / Ella FitzgeraldWonderful LifeOh Lady, Be Good: Best Of The Gershwin Songbook2011/05/02A DJ Rose favorite.
Brand NubianWake Up (Stimulated Dummies Mix)One For All2011/04/25You weren't the first to do it, Arcade Fire...
RaekwonSnake PondShaolin Vs. Wu-Tang2011/04/25Or how about Staten Island? One of the best beats off the album. Good work by Selasie channeling RZA.
RadioheadHigh & DryThe Benz2011/04/25You will never be as good as Thom Yorke
A-TrackEnter Ralph WiggumPeanut Butter Jukebox 45s2011/04/11Love rolling into this track. Pure dopene
Sage FrancisThe Strange Famous Mullet RemoverPersonal Journals2011/04/11Greatest song title.
Sage FrancisClimb TreesPersonal Journals2011/04/11Sage Francis has such an idiosyncratic flow. Would love to see him cypher up.
Ultramagnetic MCsEgo Trippin' (MC's Ultra Remix)Critical Beatdown2011/04/11Have to get up on my Dr. Octagon...
Brand NubianDrop The BombOne For All2011/04/11Just like Obama...
Lee "Scratch" PerryKhasha MackaUpsetters 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle2011/04/11An original Don Dada
Brand NubianSlow DownOne For All2011/04/04Bring back the afrocentricity.
Das RacistYou Can Sell AnythingSit Down Man2011/04/04"Eyo the government is lies, son; United States of Google, Verizon; they all spies, son, I'm Pisces rising; You ain't a Hoover, just suck like James Dyson."
RaekwonMolasses (ft. Ghostface Killah & Rick Ross)Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang2011/04/04Rae's newest release bringing back that original formula.
Sage FrancisInhereted ScarsPersonal Journals2011/04/04Sage Francis spits about some seriously human issues.
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiRound And RoundRound & Round (Single)2011/04/04Gotta love the low-fi freak folk.
RaekwonCriminology (ft. Ghostface Killah)Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...2011/03/28Met a kid from Staten Island the other day. Says he knows someone who put a tatoo on of a Wu Tang W on his arm with a pen.
StewRatDisagreementsN/A2011/03/28French produce
Haruka NakamuraFaureModal Soul Classics II2011/03/28Dedicated to Nujabes
RadioheadCodexThe King Of Limbs2011/03/28No matter how hard you try, you'll never be as good as Thom Yorke
Kool G RapBlowin Up In The World4,5,62011/03/21Kool G Rap is a master lyricist
RadioheadIdiotequeKid A2011/03/21This song has perhaps the most playback value of any song ever. Can't get over it.
RadioheadLittle By LittleKing Of Limbs2011/03/21A DJ Rose request. We love Thom Yorke, if you couldn't tell.
Lee Scratch Perry & CompanyScratch WalkingChapter 1 The Upsetters2011/03/21Real Dub is the truth
Ras KassNature Of The ThreatSoul On Ice2011/03/14The West Coast Illmatic.
RaekwonSnake PondShaolin Vs Wu-Tang2011/03/07This produce is fire! I think it's funny this album was a backlash to RZA and 8 Diagrams. That Mac blip wasn't me, I swear!
Sage FrancisCrack PipesPersonal Journals2011/03/07Some seriously ill rhymes from on of hip hop's best and most slept on.
RadioheadMorning BellKid A2011/03/07Having influenced the likes of James Blake...
RadioheadGive Up The GhostKing of Limbs2011/03/07Getting open with some of that new Radiohead. To be released on clear double-vinyl; they controlled the leak. Fucking geniuses.
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiRound And RoundRound & Round (Single)2011/02/28This album cover always cracks me up. A person making out with a dog. Ridonculous.
Lee "Scratch" PerryHappy RootsUpsetters 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle2011/02/28Pay homage to your roots.
Ella FitzgeraldBlack CoffeeThe Intimate Ella2011/02/28I'm glad that we're not the only people at the station to play Ella today. =)
GravediggazMommy, What's A Gravedigga?6 Feet Deep2011/02/14RZArecta
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiRound And RoundRound And Round (Single)2011/02/07One of the best tracks of the past year. As Old Gregg would say - FUNKYYY
Kool G Rap & NasFast Life (Norfside Mix)Fast Life (Norfside Mix) / Thuggin' It Up (Remix) 12" Single2011/01/29MC royalty. This beat's ephemeral as well - Norfside did it right.
Das RacistRoc Marciano Joint (ft. Roc Marciano)Sit Down, Man2011/01/29Wanted to highlight a couple of my favorite new emcees from 2010.
Neutral Milk HotelIn An Aeroplane Over The SeaIn An Aeroplane Over The Sea2011/01/22Just copped this. I started salivating as soon as I saw the album artwork
RadioheadOptimisticKid A2011/01/22One band I would definitely want to see throw down in the studio.
Ultramagnetic MCsWatch Me MoveCritical Beatdown2011/01/22Old School classics
Tracy ChapmanFast CarsTracy Chapman2011/01/22Borrowed this vinyl from the studio a while back. Figured it was time to re-unite.
Thelonius Monk & John Coltrane Blues For Tomorrow [first stereo release] Thelonius Monk w/ John Coltrane (The Complete Riverside Recordings Apr-Jul 1957)2011/01/15That drum solo is pure fire. Watch out Cali-forn-ia. That's what they get for not passing Prop 19...
RadioheadAll I NeedIn Rainbows2011/01/15I've been on a vinyl binge lately;...
The New PornographersMyriad HarbourChallengers2011/01/15This music video is absolutely wild:
Wolf ParadePobody's PerfectExpo 862011/01/15Never heard this track before, but I love the group. For the Queen Mary is a great album.
T-K.A.S.H. / Onra On Leonard Peltier / Smoking BuddhaFree Leonard Peltier2010/12/25Homie's spitting some Wisdom, and the beat's pretty fresh, too.
OnraBoundless BoundariesChinoiseries2010/12/25The flow on this beat is very off-kilter. Feel like ODB would have flowed well over it.
RaekwonIncarcerated ScarfaceOnly Built 4 Cuban Linx... 2010/12/11"Real niggaz lick shots, peace Connecticut."
CraggaPlease Mr. Postman (Dubstep Refix)Unkown Album2010/12/11Mellon Colin got this cut from a mixtape his friend gave him
Lee Scratch PerryDub OrganizerUpsetters 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle2010/12/11Skunky...
Ultramagnetic M.C.s Critical Beatdown Critical Beatdown2010/12/04Classic
RadioheadMotion Picture SoundtrackKid A2010/12/04No matter how hard you try, you'll never be Thom Yorke
RaekwonAbout MeOnly Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II2010/12/04Purple Tape 2
OnraPhuoc DatChinoiseries2010/11/27
OnraThe Valee Of LoveChinoiseries2010/11/27Anything heavily RZA-influenced is bound to be dope.
Onra I Wanna Go BackChinoiseries2010/11/27
OnraClap ClapChinoiseries2010/11/27
Jurassic 5 Great ExpectationsQuality Control2010/11/27J5 is pure hip hop through and through.
RadioheadTreefingersKid A2010/11/27Some sublime ambiance from Thom Yorke & company.
Das RacistRapping 2 YouSit Down, Man2010/11/20This beat is firey
Ultramagnetic MCsEgo Trippin'Critical Beatdown2010/11/20Kool Keith on the mic
RadioheadIdiotequeKid A2010/11/20No matter how hard you try, you'll never be as good as Thom Yorke
RaekwonIncarcerated ScarfacesN/A2010/11/06"Real [homies] lick shots, peace Connecticut."
Lee "Scratch" PerryDub FireN/A2010/11/06One of the most important hip hop influences ever.
Grateful DeadCasey JonesN/A2010/11/06High on cocaine
Grand Funk RailroadGimme ShelterN/A2010/11/06Classic
Das RacistPeople Are Strange N/A2010/10/30One of the fieriest albums of the year.
NaS & Kool G Rap Fast Life [Norfside Mix] (Instrumental) N/A2010/10/30Salaam Remi remix
Gravediggaz Diary Of A MadmanN/A2010/10/30Merry Mischief Night, everyone. Mwahahaha.
Lee "Scratch" Perry Dub FireN/A2010/10/30Had to take it back to one of the greats.
Jurassic 5Concrete SchoolyardN/A2010/10/16Favorite J5 cut ever
Das RacistAll Tan Everything (ft. Jay-Z)N/A2010/10/16Sabzi from Blue Scholars on the production.
Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadMaggie's FarmN/A2010/10/09It's a very old vinyl. We apologize for the quality, but you can't deny the dopeness.
Ra Ra RiotEach YearN/A2010/10/02I don't think that RRR's put out anything as good as their first effort (which was aite), but I've jammed out to this track so many times I'm embarassed to say.
RadioheadIdiotequeN/A2010/10/02Easily the best song of the past 10 years, in my personal opinion.
Grateful DeadTruckin'N/A2010/10/02RIP Jerry Garcia
Kool G Rap & NaSFast Life (Norfside Mix)N/A2010/09/18The impact of Kool G Rap and Nas on the element of MCing is unfathomable.
Ultramagnetic MCsEgo Tripping (Ultramagnetic Mix)N/A2010/09/13Between Rakim and Kool Keith, rap style was taken to the next level.
Grateful DeadTruckin' N/A2010/09/13Shout outs to Mama Dukes for this one.
RadioheadKarma PoliceN/A2010/09/13A Jimbo recommendation and yet another immortal song.
RaekwonCriminology (ft. Ghostface Killah) N/A2010/09/05RZA
RadioheadIdiotequeN/A2010/09/05Best album of the decade according to multiple sources, including Pitchfork and RS.
RakimWhen I'm Flowin'N/A2010/08/15Rakim's been killing mics since the 80s and still going strong.
Kool G RapBlowin' Up In The WorldN/A2010/08/08G Rap might not have been the nicest person, but his flow is untouchable.
Erik B. & RakimPaid In FullN/A2010/07/25I'm definitely writing in Erik B. for president next election. No joke.
RaekwonNew Wu (ft. Ghostface Killah & Method Man)N/A2010/07/18The Wu might not be what it once was, but one has to recognize their continued value as artists.
Erik B. & RakimI Ain't No JokeN/A2010/06/13I've decided that next election I'm writing in Erik B. for president. Oh, and they'll be at RTB performing "Paid In Full" as well.
RaekwonNew Wu (ft. Ghostface Killah & Method Man)N/A2010/06/06Wu a la Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2.
GravediggazMommy, What's A Gravedigga?N/A2010/05/16The RZA aka The Abbot aka RZARekta aka Prince Rakim.
Franz FerdinandUlyssesN/A2010/05/16Doesn't have anything to do with James Joyce's masterpiece, but it's still catchy as hell.
Devendra BanhartLittle Yellow SpiderN/A2010/05/16I think there are two types of people in this world: people who like this song and people who don't like this song. The latter can go fuck themselves.
Manchester Orchestra100 DollarsN/A2010/05/09If this ain't blues, I don't know what is.
Keith MurrayThe Rhyme (Remix)N/A2010/05/02Keith Murray's rhymes are indeed out of control on this track.
Wolf ParadeI'll Believe In AnythingN/A2010/05/02This is one of my favorite tracks of all time. Apologies to the Queen Mary is a great album.
RadioheadJigsaw Falling Into PlaceN/A2010/04/25What I love about this song is that it's entirely one big build-up. Quite literally a jigsaw falling into place.
The RamonesI Don't Wanna Walk Around With YouN/A2010/04/18Had to bring it back across the pond for a minute. Joey Ramone has a lot to say. Like that he doesn't wanna walk around with you.
Kool G Rap & NaSFast Life (Norfside Remix)N/A2010/04/11I was yak-attacking over this track, but Jimbo cut me short and I was on a roll and didn't notice.
Method Man, Ghostface Killah & RaekwonSmooth Sailing [Remix] (ft. Solomon Childs & Streetlife)N/A2010/04/04NEW WU TANG!
Method Man, Ghostface Killah & RaekwonOur DreamsN/A2010/04/04"My hands is mad nice, you know, from DJ'in." - RZA
Army Of The PharaohsGorillas N/A2010/03/28The Lench Mob called them "guerillas," but A.O.T.P. call themselves "Gorillas." Damn straight.
Branch DavidiansMindstateN/A2010/03/28Never heard of this group before, but I was definitely feeling this john.
Neutral Milk HotelThe King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1N/A2010/03/28Why can't it be psychedelic and be acoustic?
Grateful DeadSugar MagnoliaN/A2010/03/28Shout outs to my Mom with this track: a true, self-proclaimed "Dead Head" baby-boomer. Love you, Momma.
RaDo You Call My NameN/A2010/03/21Jimbo warned me that he might be all over the place, a little stretched thin in his rock library. I still expect perfection.
Rage Against the MachineTestifyN/A2010/03/21Tom Morrelli could rub his guitar against a television set and make it into an interesting effect on the guitar.
Hell RazahRenaissanceN/A2010/03/14Biggie said that R.A. the Rugged Man was great back in the day. You know you're dope when Big says you're dope.
RadioheadSubterranean Homesick AlienN/A2010/03/14Thom Yorke is one of the few people who can re-imagine Bob Dylan. You're in good company when you're with Jimi Hendrix.
Yellowman / ParagonsFull Metal JacketN/A2010/02/28"Mama told Papa your dick is dead/ I am young and you are old/ eskimo girls are mighty cold..." Fucking Vietnam.
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious FiveThe MessageN/A2010/02/21This song epitomizes the simultaneously celebratory, yet socially conscious nature of hip-hop. Seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks perform it shows how far the mainstream has allowed that image to fall.
Eric B. & RakimI Ain't No JokeN/A2010/02/21Simply put, Rakim changed the game up. "I hold the mic like a grudge"
Jurassic 5Great ExpectationsN/A2010/02/14Big shout outs to our 8 online listeners. It's the most we've ever had.
Manchester OrchestraShake It OutN/A2010/02/10I find few bands who lay it all on the line like Manchester Orchestra. I feel as if they have to be scraped off of the stage by the time they're done.
Eric B. & RakimPaid In FullN/A2010/01/27How many people have ripped off Rakim? He simply said everything that needed to be said about the criminal rapper. Rakim the O.G. for president.
Devendra BanhartI Feel Like A ChildN/A2010/01/27I bet that Devendra Banhart wrote this song after seeing "Hook"... Haha.
Keith MurrayLove L.O.D.N/A2010/01/20Some of the best battle raps I've ever heard. Keith Murray's a professional. Haha.
The RaconteursConsoler of the LonelyN/A2010/01/20Jack White creates the best licks that I've ever heard.
Rakim The 18th Letter (Always And ForeverN/A2010/01/13I didn't listen to that song closely enough to say something interesting. It happens. Sorry.
The FramesPeople Get ReadyN/A2010/01/13I find this to be one of the most interesting and intense live performances I've ever heard. Go Glen Hansard.
The RaconteursYou Don't Understand MeN/A2010/01/13I know I play this song a lot, but I just can't get enough of Jack White.
Drake Think Good Thoughts (ft. Phonte & Elzhi)N/A2010/01/06Who gives a shit about Drake? Elzhi's the one everybody's talking about on this track.
Brand NewSic Transit Gloria... Glory FadesN/A2009/12/30A song about a boy getting raped... bet you didn't see that coming.
Manchester OrchestraPride N/A2009/12/30Manchester Orchestra are the perfect blend of blues and punk music--completely and utterly visceral.
Wolf ParadeI'll Believe In AnythingN/A2009/12/30This song's weirdness is equivalent to its beauty.
The RaconteursYou Don't Understand MeN/A2009/12/30Jack White's been a busy boy the past few years... The Raconteurs are no half-baked side project.
RadioheadJigsaw Falling Into PlaceN/A2009/12/23More than any other band of the past decade, Radiohead have perfected their sound w/o a doubt.
Jazz LiberatorzEase My Mind(ft. Troy Hudson, Fat Lip & Omni)N/A2009/12/09Clin O'Diel is just a great meeting of musical minds, check it out.
Jurassic 5Concrete SchoolyardN/A2009/12/02Jimbo's favorite J-5 song ever. That's enough for me.
Ras KassReelishymnN/A2009/12/02"Yes I think I'm going out of my head... my head."
Untitled Track 16DertN/A2009/11/11I still can't believe that Squid & the Whale sample in the last track. I dig the Jessie Eisenberg shout out.
Untitled Track 15DertN/A2009/11/11This is an incredible interpretation of Pink Floyd's Dark Side...
Grain Belt BeerThes OneN/A2009/11/11What a strangely catchy hook...
PyramidsMadlibN/A2009/11/11"Change-It's like nigga, nigga, nigga, a gun, a gun, a gun!"
Manchester OrchestraEverything to NothingN/A2009/11/04"You mean everything to nothing, you mean everything to nobody... but me."
Franz FerdinandKatherine Kiss MeN/A2009/11/04Every guy knows this feeling, this longing...
RaekwonIce Cream [ft. Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah & Method Man]N/A2009/11/04Shit makes me hungry...
Jurassic 5Remember His NameN/A2009/10/21Might be the most self-explanatory song on the entire playlist.
John ColtraneNaima (Alternate Take)N/A2009/10/21Song just sounds like making love. It's that simply beautiful.
Manchester Orchestra100 DollarsN/A2009/10/21A short song, but extremely powerful and poignant.
ft. GZA/Genius, Raekwon, Cappa Donna)Wu Banga 101N/A2009/10/14Ghostface Killah
GravediggazNowhere to Run, Nowhere to HideN/A2009/10/14Such and incredible under-the-radar song. One of the members was RZArecta aka RZA.
RaekwonVerbal Intercourse (ft. Ghostface Killah & Nas)N/A2009/10/14Jimbo tells me this is the first Wu-Tang track to feature a non-Wu-Tang member.
RaekwonNew Wu (ft. Ghostface Killah & Method Man)N/A2009/10/07Wu-Tang is still dropping wisdom in 2009... reminds me of 1999
Manchester OrchestraIn My TeethN/A2009/10/07I cannot get enough of this album--Mean Everything to Nothing
Brand NewSic Transit Gloria... Gloria FadesN/A2009/10/07A song about the loss of innocence... I thought it was a nice contrast to "Wake Up."
RakimGuess Who's BackN/A2009/09/30"I rock New York City all year round."
Manchester OrchestraI've Got FriendsN/A2009/09/30I'm new to this band, but I've heard great things and what I've heard is more than solid.
Brand NewSeventy Times 7N/A2009/09/30Old school tennage-angst era Brand New. Your Favorite Weapon is such a funny but great album.
RadioheadJigsaw Falling Into PlaceN/A2009/09/30This song simply blows my mind. Radiohead is the best thing since sliced bread. And The Beatles.
Brand NewDaisyN/A2009/09/23no discription