ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Peter ToshAfricanEqual Rights2011/02/14One of the lesser-heralded reggae pioneers. Initially played with Bob & The Wailers, but wanted to do his own thing.
Peter ToshSteppin' RazorEqual Rights2010/12/11Many a good chill session listening to this on vinyl
Peter ToshAfricanN/A2010/08/08Always classy to follow up some Bob with a little bit of Tosh. Not Daniel, but his show on Comedy Central is pretty fucking hilarious.
Peter ToshLegalize ItN/A2010/02/28There's a reason we play this song more than any other on the show. "Legalize it, and I will advertise it..."
Peter ToshJah GuideN/A2010/01/20The world could use more Rastafarians. I have no doubt it would be a better, more peaceful place.
Peter ToshStepping RazorN/A2010/01/06"I'm like a stepping razor, don't you watch my sides; I'M DANGEROUS! I'M DANGEROUS!"
Peter ToshEqual RightsN/A2009/10/14As Jim said, "This music makes me appreciate the space of the studio."