ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
NaSLife's A Bitch (ft. AZ)N/A2012/03/18AZ steals the track with this verse.
NaSIt Ain't Hard To TellN/A2012/02/26Everyone's a biter. There is no such thing as an "authentic" style.
NaSBridging The Gap (ft. Olu Dara)N/A2012/02/12"I know why NaS did a song with his pops."
NaSRewindN/A2011/12/04Unanimous consensus on this track.
NaSLife's A Bitch (ft. AZ)N/A2011/11/20This album is the definition of classic.
NaSJust A Moment (ft. Quan)N/A2011/10/16Shout outs to Dave for this request.
NaSIt Ain't Hard To Tell [ Illmatic]N/A2011/09/25#Classic
NaSIt Ain't Hard To TellIllmatic2011/04/04DJ with No Name getting real creezely on the ones & twos.
NaSU Gotta Love ItThe Lost Tapes2011/03/21Crazy how many classics on this album never made the feature albums
Kool G Rap & NasFast Life (Norfside Mix)Fast Life (Norfside Mix) / Thuggin' It Up (Remix) 12" Single2011/01/29MC royalty. This beat's ephemeral as well - Norfside did it right.
NaSOne MicStillmatic2011/01/22A listener request. Good choice.
NaSThe World Is YoursIllmatic2011/01/15This album is a classic top to bottom. Most amazing hip hop production team ever assembled.
NaSIt Ain't Hard To TellIllmatic2010/12/18Have to keep good company. Classic.
NaS It Ain't Hard To TellIllmatic2010/12/04Rocking the classic jams tonight.
NaS & Kool G Rap Fast Life [Norfside Mix] (Instrumental) N/A2010/10/30Salaam Remi remix
NaSNo Idea's OriginalN/A2010/10/09Crazy how this album was material Nas didn't put on his full length albums.
NaSThe World Is Yours (Tip Mix)N/A2010/10/02The best ever? What do you think?
Kool G Rap & NaSFast Life (Norfside Mix)N/A2010/09/18The impact of Kool G Rap and Nas on the element of MCing is unfathomable.
NaSThe World Is YoursN/A2010/09/13Watch BELLY.
NaSLife's A BitchN/A2010/07/11A-Z's verse on this song is NICE, no matter what anybody says.
NaS & Damien MarleyAs We EnterN/A2010/04/25Amazing new single from one of hip-hop's most interesting crossover duos.
NaSEtherN/A2010/04/18"Rockefeller died of AIDS, that was the end of his chapter And that's the guy y'all chose to name your company after?" NaS wins. Haha.
Kool G Rap & NaSFast Life (Norfside Remix)N/A2010/04/11I was yak-attacking over this track, but Jimbo cut me short and I was on a roll and didn't notice.
NaSPurpleN/A2010/04/04Some random guys named Hill Inc. made this beat. I wonder if they made any other shit this good.
NaSLife's a BitchN/A2010/02/28On the third floor of Homer Babbidge Library in the first stall in the men's bathroom the chorus to this song is written on the wall. If that's not proof poetry can be found in the most unexpected places, I don't know what is.
NaSStreet DreamsN/A2010/02/10Nobody has ever captured the aesthetics of the hood quite like NaS has been able to do.
NaSIt Ain't Hard To TellN/A2010/02/03Biggie ripped off NaS's album cover for Illmatic of himself as a kid for his album cover of Ready to Die.
NaS NaS Is LikeN/A2010/01/13NaS was quite literally flying over that beat...
NaSMy WayN/A2009/12/23Though he didn't make as many ripples as in the 90s, you still have to pay homage to rap's greatest wordsmith...
NaSThe World is Yours (Tip Mix)N/A2009/10/28This edited shit is wierding me out, but this is a classic song and this Tip Mix is awesome.
Nas2nd ChildhoodN/A2009/09/23no discription