ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Mos DefFear Not Of Man N/A2012/03/11Samples "Fear Not For Man"
Mos DefAuditorium (ft. Slick Rick)The Ecstatic2011/05/02Loving the flutes in this track. Sounds like the soundtrack from a Bollywood film.
Mos DefRock N' RollBlack On Both Sides2011/01/29Inarguably Mos Def's greatest solo effort. A true hip hop Renaissance man.
Mos Def New World WaterBlack On Both Sides2010/12/04One of the best examples of hip hop ever, according to scholar, UConn professor, and author of "Hip Hop Revolution" Jeffrey Ogbar.
Mos DefRock 'N' RollN/A2010/03/21The perfect transitional joint for our show. And don't forget to listen to the lyrics.
Mos DefMathematicsN/A2010/03/14A Morelli recommendation here. Mos is always a good choice. He is courageously conscious on the mic.