ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
MGMTCongratulationsN/A2010/05/02People had mixed feelings about the new MGMT album, but I like the direction they've taken. They're artists. Not pop stars, people.
MGMTSomeone's MissingN/A2010/03/28A sneak peak at one of the tracks off the new album. My roomate and I have been playing this shit out for a week now. We can't get enough.
MGMTFlash DeliriumN/A2010/03/28The newest single by MGMT. This is some serious delirium. For people who only liked "Kids" and "Electric Feel"--I'm sorry.
MGMTElectric FeelN/A2010/03/21I was glad that MGMT was able to make it on commercial radio. Sometimes one of the best groups really does get the most attention.
MGMTTime to PretendN/A2009/12/23What choice is there? A settled life or that of the rock cliche... I'll take the latter all day, thank you.
MGMTPieces of WhatN/A2009/10/28Shout out to Kyle for the idea for this, one of the many gems to be found from Oracular Spectacular. Represent CT.
MGMTThe YouthN/A2009/10/07Representing Wesleyan University and Middletown, CT