ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
MEDOut Of ControlN/A2011/12/25I need to cop this album on vinyl. Special release by Stones Throw with 10 Madlib instrumentals. Don't resist the Madlib Invazion.
MEDGet ThatN/A2011/12/18Madlib produce.
MEDToo LateN/A2011/11/27Madlib produced the majority of this album. 'Nuff said.
MEDWhere I'm From (ft. Aloe Blacc)N/A2011/11/20Alchemist on the produce for this track, but Madlib produced the bulk of the album.
MEDJWFN/A2011/11/20The bass on this track is some of that skanky funk.
MEDWhere I'm From (ft. Aloe Blacc)N/A2011/11/06Produce by Oh No on this track. Mostly Madlib produce on this album.
MEDClassic (ft. Talib Kweli)N/A2011/10/30Been waiting on this album for a while. Always love to the Madlib produce.
Cut Chemist & MedaphoarBlind Man (Vocal)Blind Man 12"2011/05/02Stones Throw bringing the real hip hop.
Madlib Invazion Feat. Oh No And MedaphorThe Ox (Fantastic 4)Peanut Butter Wolf's Jukebox 45s2011/02/28Love the story behind this compilation. I want a jukebox in my apartment as soon as possible.