ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Kool G RapTrain RobberyN/A2012/01/29A DJ With No Name request.
Kool G RapBlowin Up In The World4,5,62011/03/21Kool G Rap is a master lyricist
Kool G Rap & NasFast Life (Norfside Mix)Fast Life (Norfside Mix) / Thuggin' It Up (Remix) 12" Single2011/01/29MC royalty. This beat's ephemeral as well - Norfside did it right.
NaS & Kool G Rap Fast Life [Norfside Mix] (Instrumental) N/A2010/10/30Salaam Remi remix
Kool G Rap & NaSFast Life (Norfside Mix)N/A2010/09/18The impact of Kool G Rap and Nas on the element of MCing is unfathomable.
Kool G RapBlowin' Up In The WorldN/A2010/08/08G Rap might not have been the nicest person, but his flow is untouchable.
Kool G Rap & NaSFast Life (Norfside Remix)N/A2010/04/11I was yak-attacking over this track, but Jimbo cut me short and I was on a roll and didn't notice.