ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Jasiri XTrayvonN/A2012/04/08Racial conflict in America is reaching a critical mass.
Jasiri XTrayvonN/A2012/03/25I am outraged.
Jasiri XRepublican WomanN/A2012/03/11Dedicated to the biters at HBO for that "Gamechanger" video. Free album from my brother Jasiri X
Jasiri X EttaN/A2012/02/26Much love to my brother, holding down the Movement in Pittsburgh, PA. Coming to the UNAC Peace Conference on March 24 and apparently to be on a panel at Yale on Feb 28.
Jasiri XAmerica's Most Livable CityN/A2012/01/22ONEHOOD
Jasiri XWhat's The State Of The Black World? (Live)N/A2012/01/01Put up a fist if you're with the Movement.
Jasiri XSilent NightN/A2011/11/27Jasiri X bringing consciousness and spirituality to hip hop.
Jasiri XWhat's PeaceN/A2011/11/27My brother holding down the truth.
Jasiri XOccupy (We The 99)N/A2011/11/13"The Constitution guarantees these freedoms / Anyone against that is commiting treason."
Jasiri XSilent NightN/A2011/11/06Great artist, great person telling the truth.
Jasiri XDebra, Debra: A LetterN/A2011/11/06A true hip hop activist.