ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
GhettosocksGuillotineN/A2012/02/12GZA was supposed to be on this joint, but the numbers couldn't work out.
GhettosocksTake Chains OffN/A2011/12/04I'VE GOT THE POWER!
GhettosocksOut For TreatsN/A2011/11/27This album is the best work to come out of CA since Canadian Bacon.
GhettosocksDreams Of Hawaiian SophieN/A2011/11/20Ghettosocks is the best artist to come out of Canada since Gary Farmer.
GhettosocksRicochet (ft. El da Sensei)N/A2011/11/13The wah-wah effect in this beat is addicitive.
GhettosocksDon't Turn Around (ft. Edgar Allen Floe)N/A2011/10/30Ghettosocks is my main man. Homeboy is nice.
GhettosocksRicoche (ft. El da Sensei)N/A2011/10/23Ghettosocks is tapping into a mainline here.
GhettosocksNot Impressed (ft. Cesar Comanche)N/A2011/10/16This is hip hop. Shout outs to Justus League.
GhettosocksGuilloteneN/A2011/10/09Creez status.