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The Good, The Bad, & Infinite Party - join the Party

ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Fleet FoxesBedouin Dress[ Helplessness Blues]N/A2011/05/09Love the title. Oh, FF always defining our generation.
Fleet FoxesRagged WoodFleet Foxes2011/01/22The only vocabulary I possess to describe Fleet Foxes is ephemeral.
Fleet FoxesRagged WoodFleet Foxes2011/01/01One of the top albums from last year. Saw it on vinyl @ Newbury and had to cop it.
Fleet FoxesBlue Ridge MountainsN/A2010/05/02I've had people complaining that I'm putting them to sleep. They don't even know about the narcotic effects of Fleet Foxes.
Fleet FoxesWhite Winter HymnalN/A2009/10/21The harmony in this song is indescribably beautiful. Such a simple song turned into something special.