ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse, EminemShady 2.0 CypherN/A2011/10/16I used to think Yelawolf was whack. This proves me wrong.
Eminem'97 Bonnie & ClydeN/A2010/09/25A quick pick; disturbing, but strangely appropriate.
EminemJust The Two Of Us N/A2010/09/18Creepy, but it's always tounge-in-cheek with Eminem.
Eminem Murder, MurderN/A2010/09/05No matter what you thought about his last 3 albums, Eminem was able to create this.
EminemBusinessN/A2010/08/15That's right. Jimbo pulling out The Eminem Show. Weird to think of that album as "old" now.
EminemCinderella ManN/A2010/06/13"Fuck that last CD, that shit's in my trash."
Eminem / Crystal CastlesNot Afraid / VanishedN/A2010/05/09Something had to replace Eminem's terrible singing voice.
EminemRole ModelN/A2010/02/03I can't even find a good line from this song to quote. There are so many I can't even choose.
Eminem Microphone N/A2010/01/13Radio One Westwood Freestyle Part 1) (I can't help how much I love Eminem and his unstoppable flow.
EminemStanN/A2009/12/23Who's to blame? One of the best songs of the past decade.
EminemAs The World TurnsN/A2009/10/21Though it has some straight silly, offensive content, the chorus points out a person's insignificance.
EminemRemember MeN/A2009/10/21Imagine if you got killed at 20 years old, going out in your prime. I would be SO FUCKING PISSED! REMEMBER ME!