ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
De La SoulKeepin' The Faith[ De La Soul]N/A2011/05/09Such a great sample.
De La SoulRing Ring Ring (Ha Ha Ha)De La Soul Is Dead2011/05/02You're getting dubbed. Leave a message. Oh, wait...
De La SoulBitties in the BK LoungeDe La Soul Is Dead2011/03/14A DJ With No Name Selection
De La SoulA Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"De La Soul Is Dead2011/02/14Q-Tip guest spot
De La SoulPass The PlugsDe La Soul Is Dead2010/11/27What a beat by Prince Paul
De La SoulEgo Trippin (Part Two)Buhloone Mindstate2010/11/20De La Soul never gets old
De La SoulThe Bizness (Smooth Sailing Remix)N/A2010/10/09Can't take credit for this remix, props to WICKED from for coming up with the Pete Rock and De La Soul remix.
De La SoulOodles of O'sN/A2010/09/25TONY HAWK 4!!!!!!!!!
De La SoulThe BiznessN/A2010/09/25"This track sounds like my heart is beating." -Stu
De La SoulThru Ya City N/A2010/09/05Always an appropriate occasion for some De La.
De La SoulPass The PlugsN/A2010/08/15There is something pure and unadulterated about De La that I can't quite define.
De La SoulEye KnowN/A2010/08/08What is that whistle melody from? Andy Griffith theme song?
De La SoulStakes Is HighN/A2010/07/11"Every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable."
De La SoulMe, Myself, And IN/A2010/06/20I liked that movie with Jim Carrey and his three black songs: Me Myself & I(rene)
De La SoulOooh. (ft. Redman)N/A2010/05/09De La might just have started this conscious rap thing.
De La Soul / The BiznessSmooth Sailing Mix (ft. Common)N/A2010/05/09Credit to Wicked for this mix.
De La SoulEgo Trippin' (Part Two)N/A2010/03/21The only hip-hop song I've ever heard with people screaming madly, falling down the stairs.
De La SoulThe Bizness (ft. Common)N/A2009/10/28"It's fluid, and even the flow don't know it.