ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
CunninlynguistsGet IgnorantOneirology2011/03/28Deacon the Villain, Kno, and Natti - I feel ashamed.
CunninLynguistsThe Talk (Skit)Sloppy Seconds, Vol. 22011/03/28"If you happen to love CunninLynguists, fine, but they're a cryptic computer virus."
CunninLynguistsStars Shine BrightestOneirology2011/03/21New from the Kentucky duo
CunninlynguistsThe Park (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)Strange Journey Volume Two [Deluxe Edition]2011/03/07My favorite part about Blue Sky Black Death is they actually play the instruments they sample. Dopedopedope.
CunninLynguistsHourglass (Instrumental)A Piece Of Strange2011/02/14Kno on the produce
CunninLynguistsBrain Cell (Instrumental)A Piece Of Strange2011/02/14More from Kno. Livin in a world no different than a cell.
CunninlynguistsThe Park (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)Strange Journey Volume Two2011/02/07Blue Sky Black Death are the Truth, coming out of Seattle they're bringing back that gritty soul.
CunninLynguistsBeautiful Girl A Piece Of Strange2011/01/01Can't get them off my mind...
CunninLynguistsDoin' AlrightN/A2010/11/06As good a motto as any.
CunninLynguistsSpread Your Wings (ft. Deacon the Villain)N/A2010/10/09Some new Kno production, pretty fiery.
CunninLynguistsCaved In (ft. Cee-Lo Green)N/A2010/09/25No matter how late we are, we bring the fire. And shout outs to Cee-Lo blowing it up lately. Goodie Mob!
CunninLynguistsBeautiful GirlN/A2010/09/18The DJ With No Name and I both agree this is the best full effort put forward by CL. Freshest produce for sure.
CunninLynguistsEarth's EssenceN/A2010/08/08A message more people need to hear.
CunninLynguistsNever Come Down (The Brownie Song)N/A2010/06/13"I'm like gas prices, high for no reason."
CunninLynguistsSeasons (ft. Masta Ace)N/A2010/05/23Speaking of seasons... nice day today, eh? Gotta love summer.
CunninLynguistsMic Like A Memory [Remix] (ft. Kory Calico)N/A2010/04/11That dude from The Readnex Poetry Squad shouted out CL. That legitimatized his rhyme to me even that much more.
CunninLynguistsEarth's EssenceN/A2010/03/21I stumbled upon this song today with my iPod on shuffle. It's always nice when that happens.
CunninLynguistsInhale InterludeN/A2010/03/14Breathe in; let our soundwaves inebriate you.
CunninLynguistsBrain CellN/A2010/03/14People can't hate on Southern rappers while CL are still putting out music.
CunninLynguists Seasons (ft. Masta Ace)N/A2010/01/13Perhaps one of the best lyrically crafted hip-hop songs that I've ever heard.
CunninLynguists Hourglass N/A2009/12/30CL created their own little Eden in hip-hop with A Piece of Strange... "I'm sorry you're blue..."
CunninlynguistsSeasons (ft. Masta Ace)N/A2009/10/28An incredible concept, explaining the history of hip-hop within the allegory of changing seasons.
CunninlynguistsRemember Me (Abstract/Reality)N/A2009/10/21A beautiful statement of how though we must face our own problems, we must respect loss.
CunninLynguistsThe Gates (ft. Tonedeff)N/A2009/09/30So chill... CL dropped some philosophy on me