ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Cold War KidsSt. John [Live]N/A2010/09/18Youtube coming through in the cluth with this dope live version that I can safely say is better than the studio recording.
Cold War KidsHair DownN/A2010/05/30Had this song on my mind while riding in the convertible with my mom today. She had her hand on her head the entire time "protecting" her hair. So funny. Love ya, Mom.
Cold War KidsTell Me In The MorningN/A2010/03/14Robbers & Cowards is one of those albums you have to bump in your car during the winter months in CT. Try it.
Cold War KidsRobbers N/A2010/01/13There's something about the sheer melancholy of the music of Cold War Kids that speaks to my soul during winter.
Cold War KidsSaint JohnN/A2009/12/30I can hear the clinking of the chains... CWK are proof that white people haven't necessarily escaped slavery.
Cold War KidsWe Used To VacationN/A2009/11/11This song carries with it some straight nostalgic, melancholic connotations.
Cold War KidsHair DownN/A2009/11/04Nathan Willett has such a distinct voice... it's amazing.
Cold War KidsSaint JohnN/A2009/10/07These guys nail the blues on this album. I feel straight melancholy when I listen to it, but I can't get enough.