ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Brothaz BentLife Of A FoolN/A2012/03/25Still can't believe they pressed this album on vinyl.
Brothaz BentPolluted SkylineN/A2012/02/26Watch this film:
Brothaz BentPolluted SkylineN/A2012/02/12This is one of the best slept-on albums from 2007. Got that limited release vinyl in the studio.
Brothaz BentMirrors (Venice & Bentley)N/A2012/01/22ArchDruids just got back from a peace in Bolivia.
Brothaz BentTemple Of The Living SwingN/A2012/01/01If you haven't seen El Topo, you're missing out on a spectacular film experience. Shout outs to Alejandro Jordonowsky and ArchDruids.
Brothaz BentKnockturneUp From The Desert2011/02/07Shout outs to Animoss. We always like to give attention to our favorite underground acts.
Brothaz BentPolluted SkylineUp From The Desert2011/01/29AKA Arch Druids, a dope hip hop collective coming out of LA.
Brothaz BentLife Of A FoolN/A2010/09/18Shout outs to the Arch Druids.
Brothaz BentPolluted Skyline N/A2010/09/13Shout outs to the Arch Druids
Brothaz BentKnockturneN/A2010/09/13Awesome cut.
Brothaz BentMirrors (Venice & Bentley)N/A2010/05/02"Sherlock Holmes does coke, and he's not so stupid." Thanks, Chong.
Brothaz BentGrainy NightsN/A2010/04/04This beat is killing me. So fire.
Brothaz BentKnockturneN/A2010/03/07Brothaz Bent are one of those hip-hop acts that is so underground that they will never get the attention they deserve.
Brothaz BentLife of a FoolN/A2010/02/10Crazy album cover. Check it out.
Brothaz BentTemple of the LivingN/A2010/02/10Their new album is fire: the beats, the rhymes, you name it, it's got it.