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The Good, The Bad, & Infinite Party - join the Party

ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Bob DylanShelter From The StormHard Rain2010/12/04Bobby Light
Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadMaggie's FarmN/A2010/10/09It's a very old vinyl. We apologize for the quality, but you can't deny the dopeness.
Bob DylanLay Lady LayN/A2010/10/09Shout outs to my Moms & Pops for the last two tracks, gifting me some dope ass vinyl.
Bob DylanSubterranean Homesick BluesN/A2010/04/25Gotta pay homage to the original white MC. Gotta give some credit to Allen Ginsberg and Walt Whitman, too.
Bob DylanMaggie's FarmN/A2009/09/23"I got a head full of ideas, and they're driving me insane"... Gotta pay homage to the best songwriter ever.