ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Blue ScholarsSagaba [ Blue Scholars]N/A2011/09/25First song 33 1/3 heard on WHUS.
Blue ScholarsSagabaBlue Scholars2010/12/0491.7 Favorites Vol. 1
Blue ScholarsSolstice: Reintroduction N/A2010/10/16Sabzi set their self titled album off right with this beat.
Blue ScholarsInkwellN/A2010/10/16An absolute masterpiece of an album.
Blue ScholarsOrdinary GuyN/A2010/06/06A cut off Blue Scholars' sophomore effort, Bayani. This Sabzi beat is NICE.
Blue ScholarsSagaba N/A2010/04/25Geologic and Sabzi make beautiful music.
Blue ScholarsThe AveN/A2010/03/07Filipino MC Geologic and Iranian jazz musician/producer Sabzi are the darlings of underground hip-hop.
Blue ScholarsSolsticeN/A2009/12/30Reintroduction (Personally, the DJ/MC duo of Sabzi and Geologic is the best of the past decade.
Blue ScholarsNo Rest For The WearyN/A2009/10/21As much as this might hurt everyone and as much as the world might be turning, we must keep living.