ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
BlacastanBMX KidsN/A2012/03/25Who else do you know is going to rap about riding bikes?
BlacastanBetta My Self N/A2012/03/18DJ Doom on the produce!
BlacastanMartyrs (ft. Colombeyond)N/A2012/03/18One of my favorite Colombo beats of all time.
Blacastan The Villain Part DeuxN/A2012/03/11
BlacastanThe BoothN/A2012/02/26MBII drop 3/13! In-store at Newbury Comics in Manchester!!!
BlacastanSand Storms (ft. Emilio Lopez, Outerspace, & V-Zilla)N/A2012/02/19Glad to hear that Blac is an official member of DGZ now.
BlacastanSand Storms (ft. Emilio Lopez, Outerspace, & V-Zilla)N/A2012/02/05Dropping March 23!
Blacastan Sand StormsN/A2012/01/29All about spiritual warfare!
BlacastanMartyrs (ft. Colombeyond)N/A2012/01/08Colombeyond flips this vocal perfectly.
BlacastanBlac MagicN/A2011/12/04Home-grown. Doesn't get any better.
BlacastanBlac Magic (Audible Doctor Remix)N/A2011/11/27"Cynical silence rules the world." Look out for Master Builder II, dropping soon.
BlacastanShow Love (ft. Colombeyond)N/A2011/10/23How did this track not make the cut for Blac Sabbath? Much love to DJ Rain.
BlacastanShow Love (ft. Colombeyond)N/A2011/10/16How did this joint not make the cut for "Blac Sabbath"?
BlacastanCanoliesMe Against The Radio2011/03/28Trying to get my man Blacastan here next semester for a live show. Let's get it done, UConn!
BlacastanBig EastThe Master Of Reality2011/03/21Blac holds down Hartford
BlacastanAnything LessBlac Sabbath2011/03/14"My entire existence is a backlash."
BlacastanReturnin' To NamBlac Sabbath2011/03/07Getting an interview with my brother on Friday. Really looking forward to it.
BlacastanAnything LessBlac Sabbath2011/02/07Bringing back that authentic hip hop to CT, my man Blacastan Khomeini.
BlacastanBest That I Can (ft. Mark Fury & Colombeyond)Blac Sabbath2011/01/29This vocal sample is the creez.
Blacastan3010 (ft. Esoteric & Celph Titled)Blac Sabbath2011/01/01"I'm the rebel in your tape deck that frequently jams, salute the almighty his name is Blacastan." Still trying to get my man on the phone. Bring that in a few weeks.
Blacastan Crate Diggaz (ft. Colombeyond)Blac Sabbath2010/12/18Album of the year!!!
BlacastanCanoliesMe Against The Radio 2010/12/11Holding down that Heartbeat. Can't wait to student teach there next semester.
BlacastanAnything Less N/A2010/10/16ALBUM OF THE YEAR
BlacastanThe Wire N/A2010/09/18"Never talk business over the phone."
BlacastanBest That I CanN/A2010/09/13Blacastan holds down CT!
Blacastan Best That I CanN/A2010/09/13Blacastan holds down CT!
BlacastanAnything Less N/A2010/07/18It's so frustrating how many people are still sleeping on this cat.
BlacastanCrate Diggaz N/A2010/07/11Jimbo & I agreed this is the song of the year thus far.
BlacastanBest That I CanN/A2010/06/13I can just imagine how pumped Blac and Colombeyond were when they found this hook while digging.
BlacastanCrate Diggaz (ft. Colombeyond)N/A2010/05/09CT HIP HOP!
BlacastanAnything LessN/A2010/05/09"I'm lyrically John Woo, minus the camera angles"
BlacastanIt's A Khrysis N/A2010/05/02Blac's new album "Blac Sabbath" is available in stores and on
BlacastanThe WireN/A2010/04/18The greatest television show ever created. And my new favorite song. PICK UP BLACASTAN'S "THE MASTER OF REALITY"!!!!!
BlacastanBorn Here (ft. Nolie)N/A2010/03/28I live 10 minutes outside of Hartford. To think that this kind of shit is going on right down the street is kind of amazing.
BlacastanMartyrs (ft. Colombeyond)N/A2010/03/28Very few people are bumping Blac's shit right now. There's a reason he let the beat ride on this track: so cat's could get open.