ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Bedouin SoundclashUntil We Burn (The Kids Just Want A Love Song)N/A2010/01/20People should be walking around with boom boxes blasting this shit. And it should be 70 degrees outside right now. Fuck.
Bedouin SoundclashWhen the Night Feels My SongN/A2010/01/13I was on the reggae tip. What can I say?
Bedouin SoundclashSt. AndrewsN/A2009/12/30I love the 00s, how they can produce such a beautiful sounding punk/ska/reggae group...
Bedouin SoundclashSt. AndrewsN/A2009/10/14A great white-reggae groups, definitely one of my favorites. They make reggae relevant to the 21st century