ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Arcade FireRebellion (Lies)Funeral2011/02/14Won "Album Of The Year" tonight at the Grammys. I concur.
Arcade FireCity With No ChildrenThe Suburbs2011/01/22Guess we're starting off with a bit of a year in revue.
Arcade FireWake UpFuneral2011/01/15It's time to wake up or go six feet under, people. STOP GIVING 'EM ALL THE CARCINOGENS!!!
Arcade Fire Ready To StartThe Suburbs2010/12/25ARCADE FUHRER!
Arcade FireThe SuburbsThe Suburbs2010/11/20Make sure to check out the new music video for this track. Pretty creezley.
Arcade FireThe Sprawl Part IIN/A2010/11/06What ever happened to arcades?
Arcade FireEmpty RoomN/A2010/10/09One of our favorite albums. The Sprawl has got to be my favorite though.
Arcade FireCity With No ChildrenN/A2010/10/09Thought we'd let the next track play out.
Arcade FireModern ManN/A2010/10/02My personal favorite off the new, nearly immaculate third effort by AF.
Arcade FireCity With No ChildrenN/A2010/09/25Yet another song from Arcade Fire with anthemic qualities. Bajajaja.
Arcade FireHalf Light II (No Celebration)N/A2010/09/13There's something intrinsically anthemic about Arcade Fire.
Arcade FireThe Month Of MayN/A2010/06/27I am SO pumped for this new AF album "The Suburbs" to drop.
Arcade FireBlack MirrorN/A2010/05/16Tom Morello says that he listens to Neon Bible when he wants to open his mind to the world. Tom fucking Morello.
Arcade FireMy Body Is A CageN/A2010/01/20Win Butler and Arcade Fire channel all the deep, somber melancholy I feel upon returning to campus and having to work again. Sorry for the self-pity track.
Arcade FireAntichrist Television BluesN/A2010/01/13That last one was a bit hard... I needed to slow it down just a little bit.
Arcade FireWake UpN/A2009/12/23Such a powerful song, the Arcade Fire are making a cacophony of beautiful, beautiful noise.
Arcade FireNeon BibleN/A2009/10/21The Arcade Fire might be dicks according to Wayne Coyne, but they make some fucking awesome music.
Arcade FireWake UpN/A2009/10/07An epic song by any means, Where the Wild things out October 17th. If you don't see it, I feel sorry for you.