ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Apollo BrownBalance [Clouds]N/A2011/09/19A dope cut first featured on "The Reset."
Apollo BrownBalanceClouds2011/04/11
Apollo BrownBlack PearlsClouds2011/04/11
Apollo BrownShoot the Heart [from Clouds]N/A2011/03/07Love how he flipped "Passin' Me By" on this track. Reminds me of DJ Rose...
Apollo BrownSeed of MemoryClouds2011/03/07
Apollo BrownBridge Through TimeClouds2011/03/07
Apollo Brown BalanceClouds2011/02/28A repeat beat from The Reset. Great beat to ride into.
Apollo BrownBlack PearlsClouds2011/02/28
Apollo BrownDrinking LifeClouds2011/02/28
Apollo BrownTao Te ChingClouds2011/02/28
Apollo BrownBeauty of a Day InstroThe Reset (Instrumentals)2011/02/28
Apollo BrownBalance (ft. John Robinson & Kenn Starr)N/A2010/08/15Jimbo's always digging tracks I'm sleeping on. But today I stole his library. Mwahaha.
Apollo BrownJust ThinkN/A2010/06/27Nice song I've been sleeping on.