ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Action Bronson BrunchN/A2012/03/25This video is fucked, but really makes me want proscutto.
Action Bronson & Statik Selektah Not Enough WordsN/A2012/03/11Lyrical graffiti from my man Bronsolinni.
Action Bronson & Statik SelektahKeep Off The GrassN/A2012/02/26FOOD RAP.
Action Bronson & Statik Selektah Not Enough WordsN/A2012/01/29Linguini linguistics from my man Action Bronson.
Action Bronson & Statik SelektahWhite SilkN/A2012/01/08This is delectable hip hop, without being ostentatious.
Action Bronson & Statik SelektahCocoo Butter (ft. Nina Sky)N/A2011/12/25Chef turned emcee. Watch out for those arteries fam!
Action Bronson & Statik SelektahTime For Some (ft. Lil' Fame)N/A2011/12/18Bronsolino is on the rise. Don't fuck with this album.
Action Bronson & Statik SelektahRespect The MoustacheN/A2011/12/04"Preem-O rollin' in my hemoglobin." Woooo
Action Bronson & Statik SelektahKeep Off The GrassN/A2011/11/27This album is everything I thought it would be. Fuck the haters.
Action Bronson & Statik SelektahCirque Du SoleilN/A2011/11/20Action Bronson is crazy with the food metaphors.
Action BronsonBarry Horowitz [ Dr. Lecter]N/A2011/05/09About to be featured on "Honkey Kong." Still waiting on that album!
Action BronsonLarry CsonkaDr. Lecter2011/04/25I'll take some chianti and fava beans... Also, gingerale, hot sauce, and proscutto. =P
Action BronsonChuck Person (ft. Meyhem Lauren, Shaz Illyork, & Ag Da Coroner)Dr. Lecter2011/04/11New mixtape from Bronson. Can't wait for the album.