ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
yUBonafide // OverdueN/A2012/02/26Mello Music is one of the few labels holding down conscious hip hop and dope production!
yUWrite OnN/A2012/02/19The vocal aspect of emceeing is so played up that losing touch with the page is easy.
yUI BelieveN/A2012/02/12yU is Damu's cousin. Apparently genius runs in the family.
yUEven If / The WillinghamN/A2012/01/29Love this stripped down beat with the soul sample. yU in the dojo.
yUWrite OnN/A2012/01/01Damu's cousin holding it down with the beats and rhymes.
yU DisturbedN/A2011/12/18Check out that album!