ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
The PharcydeSplattitoriumN/A2012/03/25One of the jazziest Jay Dee beats.
The PharcydeDevil MusicLabcabincalifornia2011/03/21What more can we say about The Pharcyde?
The PharcydeBullshitLabcabincalifornia2011/03/14I love classic produce
The PharcydeOtha FishBizzare Ride II The Pharcyde2011/01/22You know there's other fish in the sea that is.
The PharcydeThe E.N.D. Labcabincalifornia2011/01/01J Dilla influenced so much, it's hard to know where start.
The PharcydeShe SaidLabcabincalifornia2010/11/27Jay Dee is ridonculous.
The PharcydeSplattitoriumN/A2010/11/06R.I.P. Dilla for doing the bulk of this album
The PharcydeShe Said (Jay Dee Remix)N/A2010/09/25One of the best Dilla beats.
The PharcydePharcydeN/A2010/09/13Imani, Bootie Brown, Fatlip, and Slimkid3.
The PharcydeThe E.N.D.N/A2010/08/08And so we make the transition to Mellon Colin's segment of the playlist.
The PharcydeShe Said (Jay Dee Remix)N/A2010/07/11Jay Dee is direct in his lineage to Miles Davis. And Mozart.
The PharcydeMoment In TimeN/A2010/06/20If Spike Jones loves The Pharcyde, there's no reason you shouldn't. Booty Brown is SO nasty.
The PharcydeShe Said (Jay Dee Remix)N/A2010/05/16Any artists that work with Spike Jones are legit.
The PharcydeRunnin'N/A2010/04/04If you've never heard this song, climb out from underneath that rock you're living. DILLA!
The PharcydeSplatatoriumN/A2009/12/02So envious of California's lax marijuana restrictions. But I do l-o-v-e The Pharcyde, so I can't hate.
The PharcydePassin' Me ByN/A2009/10/07Good choice, Lavangie...
The PharcydeShe Said (Jay Dee Remix)N/A2009/09/30Some nice, tight jazzy rhymes and beats