ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
The DecemberistsA Cautionary SongCastaways & Cutouts2011/04/25Gotta love that accordion.
The DecemberistsThe Mariner's Revenge SongPicaresque2011/01/01Shout outs to my Pop Dukes for this request.
The DecemberistsThe Wanting Comes in Waves / RepaidN/A2010/01/27Colin Meloy and co. have to be the hardest group to fit into any playlist. They simply don't conform to any sort of genre conventions.
The DecemberistsThe InfantaN/A2009/12/30Colin Meloy exemplifies the BAMF attitude of "nerd" rock. They take me back to the 19th century.
The DecemberistsThe Rake's SongN/A2009/12/02I know that I play this song a lot, but I have to give December some love. It's the perfect time for it.
The DecemberistsShankhill ButchersN/A2009/10/28Possibly the scariest song I've ever heard. I love you, Colin Meloy, you nerdy indie rock god you.
The DecemberistsThe Rake's SongN/A2009/10/21The Rake in this song is the quintessential villain. Big ups to Colin Meloy for the whole conceptalbum.