ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
The Dead WeatherBlue Blood BluesSea Of Cowards2011/01/29The second TDW LP in as many years. Perhaps not as good as the first, but anything Jack White touches is solid at the very least.
The Dead WeatherThe Difference Between UsSea Of Cowards2011/01/01Of the many reasons I love Jack White, the top has to be his efforts for independent music (whatever "independent" might mean) and the way he battles with music. It's violently beautiful.
The Dead Weather Hustle And CussN/A2010/09/13Don't know how I felt about this album as a whole, but there were certainly a few fiery cuts off it.
The Dead WeatherThe Difference Between UsN/A2010/05/30Just let Jack White conduct the orchestra. Latter day Mozart, anyone?
The Dead WeatherBlue Blood BluesN/A2010/05/09One of the hottest tracks off that new Dead Weather album "Sea of Cowards" due out sometime this week.
The Dead Weather60 Feet TallN/A2010/03/14The Dead Weather are coming to Bonnaroo this summer. Definitely one of the persuading acts.
The Dead WeatherNew PonyN/A2010/01/27I feel like Robert Johnson when I listen to this song. I sold my soul to the devil so that I might be able to play the guitar and get famous.
The Dead WeatherI Cut Like a BuffaloN/A2010/01/13My Jack White addiction is unhealthy, I know.
The Dead Weather60 Feet TallN/A2009/10/21This song is so intentionally sloppy, it's almost beautiful.
The Dead WeatherNew PonyN/A2009/10/07Jack White strikes again. Horehound is pure gold. Check it out.
The Dead WeatherSo Far From Your WeaponN/A2009/09/23Jack White's 78th band w/ Mr. White on drums, but still delivers