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The Good, The Bad, & Infinite Party - join the Party

ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
TeenburgerChemistry (The New Science Remix) N/A2012/03/11Shout outs to my brother Ghettosocks holding down SXSW.
TeenburgerAlice Cooper N/A2012/02/26Shout outs to Ghettosocks and Timbuktu! Love the 80s concept album!
TeenburgerAin't Trippin Remix (ft. El Da Sensei)N/A2012/02/05Getting Ghettosocks on the show next week!
TeenburgerFood Court (ft. Saidah C)N/A2011/12/25Juxtaposing classic jazz singers and food rap. The classiness.
TeenburgerChemistry (The New Science Remix)N/A2011/12/18Heard Socks has some new tracks cooking up...
TeenburgerSo Hungover (Sean Connery)N/A2011/11/27Bringing it back. Faris Bueller references all day.
Teenburger Prom (Rock The Discotech Remix)N/A2011/11/20The Canadian supergroup featuring Ghettosocks and Timbuktu.
TeenburgerProm (Rock the Discotech Remix)N/A2011/10/30Ghettosocks keeping himself busy.
Teenburger Three Bucks In QuartersN/A2011/10/23Don't sleep on Ghettosocks & Timbuktu.