ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Tanya MorganMorgan Blu (ft. Blu)N/A2011/12/25Blu & Tanya Morgan always knocking tracks out of the park.
Tanya MorganWhatever That's MineN/A2011/11/20Been waiting for another opportunity to advertise the group that bequeathed the Hardcore Gentlemen with our namesake.
Tanya MorganPaper ThinMoonlighting2010/11/20The true Hardcore Gentlemen
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/10/02Back up in the Udio. Hope to have our theme ready for next week's show.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/09/25La Catedral.
Tanya MorganHardcore Gentlemen N/A2010/09/18We are setting off on our new voyage with an all new day and time. What better time to rock us then the early hours of Saturday.
Tanya Morgan Hardcore GentlemenN/A2010/09/13And we set off on the final voyage...
Tanya Morgan Hardcore GentlemenN/A2010/09/05
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/08/29Back up in the Udio on the eve of classes.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/08/08Back up in the Udio.
Tanya Morgan Hardcore GentlemenN/A2010/08/03Back in St. Udio.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/07/25Back in St. Udio.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/07/18Mellon Colin back in the studio with Joe Crack & Lady Julia in tow.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/07/11We have returned to our niche. =)
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/06/27Back in the Udio.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/06/20The hot beats are back.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/06/13Back doing judo in the studio.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/06/06WE BACK!!!
Tanya MorganWe MeN/A2010/06/06Hot group out of Brooklyn who unwittingly produced out theme song "Hardcore Gentlemen."
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/05/30WE BACKKKKK!!! (A Hardcore Gentlemen Story)
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/05/02WE'RE BACK!!! A RADIO STORY.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/04/25We back in the udio!!!
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/02/14We're here...
Tanya MorganSo Damn DownN/A2010/02/14The true Hardcore Gentlemen. We pay homage.
Tanya MorganWe're FlyN/A2010/01/27See... Tanya Morgan have great songs other than "Hardcore Gentlemen."
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/01/20We're baaackk...
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/01/13Back doing judo in the udio.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2010/01/06You know what it is...
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2009/12/23"Back in the udio." ...Jimbo.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2009/12/13An HC classic
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2009/12/02You already know... claro.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2009/10/28We're just sophisticated animals...we don't claim to be anything more than that.
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2009/10/14You know it...
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlemenN/A2009/10/07Hardcore gentlemen: rugged, smooth...
Tanya MorganHardcore GentlmenN/A2009/09/30Our new opening song. We're hardcore--we like to take girls on date
Tanya MorganHardcore Gentlemen N/AHad to straight white boy it with Jimbo in the studio during this one.