ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Strong Arm SteadyChiba Chiba Pt. 2N/A2011/11/13Madlib smoking that laced Chiba.
Strong Arm SteadyChiba Chiba Pt. IIArms & Hammers: Vol. 22011/04/04More of that Madlib Invazion.
Strong Arm SteadyChiba Chiba Pt. 2Arms And Hammers, Vol. 22011/02/28New Madlib produce off the new SAS mixtape.
Strong Arm Steady Questions (ft. Planet Asia)In Search Of Stoney Jackso 2011/01/01Fashawn is one of the most promising young emcees, and 2010 was certainly a big year for his career as an artist.
Strong Arm Steady Get Started (ft. Talib Kweli)In Search Of Stoney Jackson2010/12/25"My flow is potent, and get you pregnant like Tracy Morgan."
Strong Arm SteadyChittlins & PepsiIn Search Of Stoney Jackson2010/11/20Madlib on the production
Strong Arm SteadyChittlins & PepsiN/A2010/09/18Madlib produce.