ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
St. VincentMarrowActor2010/11/20It's always pleasing to see female leads. They really do deserve more representation than they receive.
St. VincentThe PartyN/A2010/11/06Annie is okay
St. VincentActor Out Of WorkN/A2010/10/16Annie Clark, will you be mine?
St. VincentSave Me From What I WantN/A2010/10/09St. Vincent came to UCONN recently and put on a show.
St. VincentMarry MeN/A2009/11/04Perhaps a bit too mellow, but still quite beautiful. Had to cue it down early, though.
St. VincentMarry MeN/A2009/10/28Marry me, Annie Clark.