ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Slum VillageReunionN/A2012/01/22Few have changed a genre in so short a time.
Slum VillageReunion (ft. J Dilla)Detroit Deli (A Taste Of Detroit)2011/01/01More Dilla produce.
Slum VillageReunion (ft. J Dilla)N/A2010/10/09Detroit will never die as long as their pumping out tracks this hot.
Slum VillageReunionN/A2010/06/27GIVE ME THE DILLA BEATS!
Slum VillageReunion (ft. J. Dilla)N/A2009/12/30The anthem to all dysfunctional, co-dependent relationships; both male and female.