ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Say AnythingThe FutieN/A2010/04/18Some girl at a party recently made fun of me and called me "emo" at a party when I told her ...Is a Real Boy was perhaps my favorite album. I almost cried. :( That's right. I'm using emoticons.
Say AnythingBelt N/A2009/12/30I don't think any person channeled the extreme highs and lows of a bipolar disorder better than Max Bemis. Well done.
Say AnythingMara And MeN/A2009/12/02Max Bemis does so many things right. Calls out KoL, even interrupts the song, mid-song. So badass.
Say AnythingI Want to Know Your PlansN/A2009/11/04This song sums up almost completely my first love... cliche, of course, but it's my cliche.