ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Eric B. & RakimMicrophone FiendFollow The Leader2011/05/02Obama might have found Bin Laden, but Eric B.'s still got my vote for president.
RakimWhen I'm Flowin'N/A2010/08/15Rakim's been killing mics since the 80s and still going strong.
Erik B. & RakimPaid In FullN/A2010/07/25I'm definitely writing in Erik B. for president next election. No joke.
Erik B. & RakimI Ain't No JokeN/A2010/06/13I've decided that next election I'm writing in Erik B. for president. Oh, and they'll be at RTB performing "Paid In Full" as well.
Eric B. & RakimI Ain't No JokeN/A2010/02/21Simply put, Rakim changed the game up. "I hold the mic like a grudge"
Eric B. & RakimPaid In FullN/A2010/01/27How many people have ripped off Rakim? He simply said everything that needed to be said about the criminal rapper. Rakim the O.G. for president.
Rakim The 18th Letter (Always And ForeverN/A2010/01/13I didn't listen to that song closely enough to say something interesting. It happens. Sorry.
RakimGuess Who's BackN/A2009/09/30"I rock New York City all year round."