ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Rah BigalowRather Be Dead (ft. Primetime & Dartz Wit Intellect)N/A2012/02/05Love the twist at the end of this video. Rah Biga is a hustler extraordinaire!
Rah Bigalow, Primetime, & Asylum LifetimeOohh BabyN/A2012/01/08A-Team!!!
Rah BigalowAbove Da RimN/A2011/12/25Big shout outs to New Britain-native DJ Massacre, bumping the beats while serving in Belgium. So many Wire shout outs in the track. Love that!
Rah BigalowWe Comin' (ft. Twyce)N/A2011/12/18Twyce is a classic head, and he absolutely destroys this verse.