ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothCaramel City N/A2012/03/18Pete Rock is one of the illest all time! DJ With No Name cutting up on the ones and twos!
Pete Rock & INIGrown Man SportN/A2012/03/11Samples "Water Get No Enemy" by Fela.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothIn The HouseN/A2012/02/26Another re-release you need to get your hands on. A seminal album!
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth It's On YouN/A2012/01/22Be sure to cop that re-release with some unreleased bonus cuts.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothEscapismN/A2012/01/01Had to play the original.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothAll The PlacesN/A2011/10/23This album embodies hip hop.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothI Get Physical [ The Main Ingredient]N/A2011/09/25It's sad I need to check the titles on all these tracks. Signed: One Dynamic Dillatante
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothAll The Places [ The Main Ingredient]N/A2011/09/19Classic.
Pete Rock & Smif-N-WessunPrevail (ft. Raekwon) [ Monumental]N/A2011/09/19Pete Rock flips this beat perfect for Rae's verse.
Pete RockWorldwide [ The Main Ingredient]N/A2011/05/09My parents were talking about sentient beings today - that's Pete Rock behind the boards.
Pete RockSomething Funky [ PeteStrumentals]N/A2011/05/09Got to highlight the master on our way out. His re-tweet to Jimbo the other week was pretty sweet.
Pete RockBeefSoul Survivor II2011/03/21The first Soul Survivor had a lot of great guest appearances
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothI Got A LoveThe Main Ingredient2011/03/14So many classics by this combo
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothThey Reminisce Over You [T.R.O.Y.] (Vibes Mix)Rare Tracks2011/03/14The original is dope but you gotta love a dope B Side
Pete Rock & InIGrown Man SportHip Hop Underground Soul Classics: Center Of Attention2011/02/07If you know even a little about hip hop, then Pete Rock is in your top 5 producers. The man has the gift of the chop.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothIt's On YouThe Main Ingredient2011/02/07The DJ With No Name's favorite Pete Rock album
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth Mecca & The Soul Brother (EP Version) The Creator / Mecca & The Soul Brother 12" Single2010/11/27Diggin for this track
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothIt's On YouN/A2010/10/16The DJ With No Name's favorite Pete Rock album.
Pete Rock & InIWhat You SayN/A2010/10/02They don't come much more crispy than Pete Rock.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothThey Reminisce Over YouN/A2010/09/25A dope remix of a classic cut.
Pete Rock & InIGrown Man SportN/A2010/08/08It's hard to say that there's any other producer in hip hop who's ever been better than Pete Rock. On the same level sure, but better? I don't think so.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothTROY (Vibes Mix)N/A2010/06/20I can't tell if Pete Rock & C.L. are rolling a blunt or praying on this album cover.
Pete Rock Edo G - BostonN/A2010/06/06In Ray We Trust
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothIn The HouseN/A2010/05/16Pete Rock does dirty things to turntables.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothSun Won't Come OutN/A2010/05/02So that's where Biggie got that sample...
Pete Rock & DedaPress RewindN/A2010/04/11I can't believe no one's published the lyrics of this song online. Cats be sleeping on this Pete Rock B-Side.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothCarmel CityN/A2010/04/04Pete Rock is a true DJ--his name comes first. C.L. just helps you get loose to the beat.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothCarmel CityN/A2010/02/14Pete Rock is the Master of Ceremonies. MC for short.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothThey Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)N/A2010/02/03I do believe this john was one of the many songs I acquired today as I pillaged Jimbo's vast hip-hop library. This Pete Rock rides the fine line between hip-hop and jazz. Awesome.
Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothSearching [Remix]N/A2009/11/04The album is called Rare Tracks... enough said. Great deep cut, Jimbo.