ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
People Under The StairsThe CatN/A2012/04/01 PUTS to the death
People Under The StairsCan't Hold It BackN/A2012/02/26What do you know about the yellow vinyl? Shout outs to DJ w/ No Name for dropping $40 on this joint. A true fan.
People Under The Stairs QuestionWe'll Be ThereN/A2012/02/12PUTS know how to party and not dumb down their content.
People Under The StairsThe CatN/A2011/12/18Just like Jeopardy!
People Under The StairsDown In L.A. (DJ Day Remix)N/A2011/10/30DJ Day rocking out the soul & synth samples.
People Under The StairsCan't Hold It BackN/A2011/10/23I want to take shrooms in Japan.
People Under The StairsTalkin Back To The StreetsN/A2011/10/09This album is growing on me.
People Under The StairsToo Much BirthdayN/A2011/10/02That delay sucked, but now it's here!
People Under The StairsDewrit!N/A2011/10/02
People Under The StairsSchooled In The Trade [The OM Years]N/A2011/09/19Don't know of any better rapper - producer duos.
People Under The StairsAfternoon Connection [ The OM Years]N/A2011/09/19Already played that instrumental, but had to let Thes-One get a verse in. Sooo dope.
People Under The StairsWe'll Be There [ In The Form Of An Answer]N/A2011/09/19PUTS keep the jazz influence alive in hip hop.
People Under the StairsEat StreetStepfather2011/03/28Eating - one of the finer things in life. Dig in, motherfuckers!
People Under The StairsFlex OffStepfather2011/03/14True B-Boy flavor
People Under The StairsEarth TravelersQuestion In the Form of An Answer2011/01/15Double K got that Kurtis Blow flow, and Thes-One... he suttin else.
People Under The Stairs Los Angeles DazeThe Next Step2010/12/11Had the sudden urge to listen to this song. Not surprised, probably one of PUTS best. My man told me he hit up one of their shows a while ago. I was mad jealous, hearing that they're one of the best, most active hip hop acts.
People Under The StairsL.A. Song (Sensitive Mix)...Or Stay Tuned2010/12/04There are few groups who have been working as hard and as long as PUTS.
People Under The StairsFlex OffStepfather2010/11/27The P.U.T.S.
People Under The Stairs Eat StreetStepfather2010/11/20What fat boys don't love food?
People Under The StairsThe BreakdownN/A2010/10/02Forgot how much I loved this album.
People Under The Stairs DQMOT (Thes One Remix)N/A2010/09/18Fucking Keyboard Cat.
People Under The StairsEmpty Water BottlesN/A2010/08/08PUTS might just be the best MC/DJ duo since EPMD.
People Under The StairsGamin' On YaN/A2010/07/11Can never go wrong with Fun DMC.
People Under The StairsLos Angeles DazeN/A2010/05/16This has to be one of my favorite songs. Ever.
People Under The StairsL.A. Song (Sensitive Mix)N/A2010/05/02PUTS is droppin' science.
People Under The StairsJuly 3rdN/A2010/04/25I want to rewrite a version of this song and call it April 25th.
People Under the StairsDQMOT (Thes One Remix)N/A2010/03/07They killed it the first time around, how do you think the remix is going to sound?
People Under the StairsEat StreetN/A2010/02/21Whatchu know about the Fat Boys? "We should rap about things we like... LIKE FOOD!"
People Under the StairsThe CatN/A2010/02/14 WATCH THIS!
People Under The StairsThe DigN/A2010/02/10Why can't a DJ be an MC? Thes One and Double K do a pretty ballin' job.
People Under the StairsAcid Raindrops (ft. Camel MC) N/A2009/12/30PUTS rhymes about drinking, smoking, going to parties, talking to girls and digging.
People Under the StairsDOMOT [Thes One Remix]N/A2009/11/18The newest shit from these guys, what an intense sample in the middle of this joint.
People Under the StairsEnjoyN/A2009/11/18The homie in this song crashing this party is a straight douche-bag. Haha.
People Under The StairsLA9XN/A2009/11/18All the good parts about the West Coast gangster rap, without all the gangster bullshit.
People Under the StairsL.A. Song [Sensitive Mix]N/A2009/11/18The first time wasn't enough--Jimbo needed to hear a variation... Haha.
People Under the StairsAcid Raindrops [ft. Camel MC]N/A2009/11/18"Just let the music take over your soul, body and mind..."
People Under the StairsWe'll Be ThereN/A2009/11/18I have nothing insightful to say. I was looking up the etymology for the word disgruntled.
People Under the StairsEarth TravelersN/A2009/11/18"I would leave school five minutes early just to drive and listen to this. This is sunset music"
People Under the StairsPulp FictionN/A2009/11/18Love that opening sample, that epigraph. Haha.
People Under the StairsLos Angeles DazeN/A2009/11/18It's like I'm listening to the aural, hip-hop representation of the LA haze.
People Under The StairsSan Francisco KnightsN/A2009/11/18Be ready for a whole mess of this stuff... possibly some of the chillest music ever.
People Under the StairsThe Turndown [ft. Assault]N/A2009/11/04"Now not to send like a gay librarian, I appreciate the fact you're vegetarian,"
People Under the StairsCarried AwayN/A2009/10/07Let this new P.U.S. carry you away...
People Under the StairsL.A. Song (Sensitive Mix)N/A2009/09/23no discription