ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Panda BearComfy In NauticaN/A2011/10/09Interesting genre swap by Mellon Colin
Panda BearLast Night At The JettyTomboy2011/04/25Gotta love Animal Collective
Panda BearScherezadeTomboy2011/04/04Here's the link to stream the album:> This shit is wild. Gotta love the Arabian Nights shout out.
Panda BearThe PreaknessSneaker Tape2011/03/28Panda Bear, gotta love the strange echo harmony
Panda BearLast Night at the JettyLast Night At The Jetty 7"2011/02/28Hate jetties, but Panda Bear is dope.
Panda BearSearch For Delicious [for Person Pitch]N/A2011/01/01A great album. Panda Bear really knows how to pinpoint the truly human aspects of music. One of my favorites currently producing.
Panda BearIm NotPerson Pitch 2010/12/11Panda Bear, our favorite member of Animal Collective, representing BMore.
Panda BearTake PillsPerson Point2010/12/04"Nagasha!"
Panda BearTake PillsN/A2010/11/06Drugs are bad mmmkay?
Panda BearTake PillsN/A2010/11/06Drugs are bad mmmkay?
Panda BearTake PillsN/A2010/10/30Apologies for the technical difficulties on this track.
Panda BearComfy In Nautica N/A2010/10/161/4 of Animal Collective. I love their new fascination with shoes almost as much as Wayne Coyne's with blood art.
DJ Cam / Panda BearGangsta Shit / Search For DeliciousN/A2010/09/13Had fun with this one. Bet I'm the first to discover this mash-up. Bajaja.