ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
PanaceaBetween Earth & Sky[ The Scenic Route]N/A2011/05/09Gotta love K-Murdock's flip. Bringing that up-tempo john.
PanaceaBetween Earth And SkyThe Scenic Route2011/04/04K-Murdock is always bringing the fiyoh for the production of this Virginia Collective.
PanaceaSirensA Mind On A Ship Through Time2011/03/28The things that go through my mind when I listen to K-Murdock's produce... The ninja with the NPC on his back...
PanaceaInvisible SeasInk Is My Drink2011/02/07K-Murdock on the production
PanaceaBetween Earth And SkyThe Scenic Route2010/12/11K-Murdock is the Truth.
PanaceaVandalismA Mind On A Ship Through Time2010/12/11Haven't been giving Panacea enough love lately. That needs to change immediately.
PanaceaImmortalN/A2010/10/16All of K-Murdock's work on an Akai MPC-shaped USB drive:
PanaceaWalk In The Park (Damu Remix)N/A2010/08/15I'll let K-Murdock pass the spotlight to Damu for a second. LOVE THIS REMIX.
PanaceaBubble N/A2010/07/11Thank you for reminding me that it's better to take the scenic route sometimes, K-Murdock.
PanaceaBetween Earth and Sky N/A2010/06/27DROP! K-Murdock's my favorite producer at the moment. Tied for second are Colombeyond and Madlib.
PanaceaImmortalN/A2010/05/09I heard a Panacea track where K-Murdock sampled "Kung Fu Fighting." This john sounds like a Beach Boys melody.
PanaceaBubbleN/A2010/04/11Give me the K-Murdock beats. Give them all to me.
PanaceaOne Shine (K-Murdock's Arturian Remix)N/A2010/04/04Let K-Murdock's music carry you away... NEO Sonic! Sonic! Sonic!
PanaceaWalk in the ParkN/A2010/03/21That's right... I took it a step backward with the K-Murdock production.
PanaceaThe Scenic RouteN/A2010/03/07You can't go wrong when you're spitting over a K-Murdock beat. Homie makes the money beats and gives his albums out for free online:
PanaceaCoin TossN/A2010/02/14That No Country for Old Men sample was perfect. Well done, K-Murdock.
PanaceaWalk in the ParkN/A2009/09/23no discription