ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
OutKastWheelz of SteelN/A2012/04/01DJ w/ No Name killing the scratches on this joint.
OutkastDa Art of Storytellin' Pt. 1N/A2012/03/18
OutKastChonkyfireN/A2012/03/18So hard to choose a favorite track off this album. I hear that Andre 3K is thinking about hitting the studio again... We'll see.
OutKast Skew It On The Bar-BN/A2012/02/26"Old school players to new school fools..."
OutKastWest SavannahN/A2012/01/08First they was pimps, then they was some aliens, now they on that black righteous tip...
OutKastElevatorsN/A2011/12/18I still think that Aquemini is the best OK album, but ATLiens is def their most ambitious release.
OutKastWheelz of SteelN/A2011/10/16This is my personal fav off the album for the scratching alone.
OutKastWheelz Of SteeATLiens2011/04/04This track can never be played out. The effects on that scratch are wild. That shit's from another dimension.
OutKastElevatorsATLiens2011/01/15The girl I was singing this song with at the Big Boi concert was amazing. But not as amazing as my girlfriend DJ Rose. =)
OutKastRosa ParksAquemini2010/12/25One of the classic OK cuts Big Boi performed the other night. Great show.
OutKastDa Art Of Storytellin' (Part 1)Aquemini2010/12/04The video version has an extra verse by Slick Rick
OutKastWest SavannahAquemini2010/11/20Sade is in my tapedeck, I'm movin in slow motion
OutKastSkew It On The Bar-B (ft. Raekwon)N/A2010/09/25
OutKastConkyfireN/A2010/09/13"Do you know what brings rats, mice, snakes out of they hole?"
OutKastCrumblin' ErbN/A2010/08/15Best song to roll up to. Tried and true.
OutKastDa Art Of Storytelling (Part 1)N/A2010/08/08Aquemini on vinyl was perhaps the best investment I've made recently.
OutKastChonkyfireN/A2010/08/08Another of OutKast's many classics.
OutKastSkew It On The Bar-B (ft. Raekwon)N/A2010/08/08Just one of the Infinite Party's many OutKast playouts.
OutKastSnappin' & Trappin'N/A2010/07/18Played the wrong song, but all OutKast is good OutKast.
OutKastSo Fresh, So CleanN/A2010/07/11So lame that Andre couldn't be on Chico Dusty because of some bullshit.
OutKastWest SavannahN/A2010/05/23Big Boi and Andre 3K aren't country. They Southern.
OutKastElevators (Me & You)N/A2010/04/18I was leaning towards making Aquemini my favorite OutKast album, but ATLiens is so great.
OutKastWheelz Of SteelN/A2010/03/21Taking you to outer space with the ATLiens.
OutKastRosa ParksN/A2010/03/14How many hip-hop tracks feature a harmonica solo? This one does.
OutKastSkew It On The Bar-B (ft. Raekwon)N/A2010/02/14How many rap songs you know can rhyme kangaroo? Shout outs to Andre 3K. How many rappers have their own cartoon?
OutKastWest SavannahN/A2010/01/20Us North Easterners hate all Southern hip-hop aside from OutKast, right? Nah, we like CunninLynguists, too.
OutKastDe Art of Storytellin'N/A2009/12/09Andre 3K is one of the best MCs out there because he's got a sick flow and he always nails that hook.