ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Of MontrealAn Ode To The Nocturnal MouseAldhils Aboretum2010/12/04I can't spell that album title
Of MontrealForecast Fascist Future N/A2010/10/16Nice little flub there in the middle of the song. =P
of MontrealCoquet CoquetteN/A2010/09/18According to Jimbo, the lyrics to this song are founded in Sentimentalist writing. Kevin Barnes is on some other shit. Heard he went to Norway to refine a character one time.
Of Montreal Knight RiderN/A2010/09/13Performing at the House of Blues in Boston on Thursday with Janelle Monae.
Of Montreal The Party's Crashing UsN/A2010/09/13Figured I'd actually give a song where you can actually hear Kevin Barnes' craziness.
of MontrealCoquet CoquetteN/A2010/06/27First single off that upcoming OM album "False Priest."
Of MontrealGrolandic EditN/A2010/05/02I don't usually peep Of Montreal, but it seems that I've been missing out. They're sharing the bill at this year's BOMB fest.