ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Modest MouseSpitting VenomWe Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank2011/04/04Not a highly acclaimed album, but definitely some gems and better than most of what else is out there.
Modest MouseThe Fruit That Ate ItselfThe Fruit That Ate Itself (EP)2011/01/01There are few songwriters spitting lyrics the quality of Isaac Brock's. Glad to see such a great band still so active.
Modest Mouse Paper Thin WallsThe Moon & Antarctica2010/12/04Isaac Brock is one of the greatest songwriters of our time.
Modest MouseTiny Cities Made of AshesThe Moon & Antarctica2010/11/27An incredible song with a funkadelic bassline.
Modest MouseBukowskiN/A2010/02/10I don't know why we don't get Modest Mouse to come to the Spring Weekend concert at UConn... Isaac Brock's a dope MC.
Modest MouseFloat OnN/A2009/12/23Probably one of the weirdest, catchiest, most beautiful songs to be released the past 10 years.
Modest MouseFloridaN/A2009/11/11Where America goes to die. Haha. I'm sorry. That was a bit mean.
Modest MouseKing RatN/A2009/10/07Isaac Brock has a voice that is at the same time soothing and completely insane.
Modest MouseKing RatN/A2009/09/23no discription