ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Mobb DeepShook Ones Pt. 1N/A2012/02/26Shout outs to my man from Colombia for the request!
Mobb DeepDrink Away The Pain [Situations] (ft. Q-Tip)The Infamous2011/03/14Ron Artest saw a person get beat to death with a broken table leg one time playing a pick-up game in Queensbridge.
Mobb DeepSurvival Of The FittestThe Infamous2010/12/11Other than "N.Y. State of Mind" this song has been my anthem of late.
Mobb DeepSurvival Of The FittestN/A2010/09/05Certainly one of the grittiest hip hop albums ever made. Comin' outta Queensbridge.
Mobb DeepSurvival Of The FittestN/A2010/02/28Apparently Charles Darwin never went to the Queensbridge Projects.
Mobb DeepEye for and Eye [Your Beef Is Mines] (ft. NaS & Raekwon)N/A2010/02/21Mobb Deep's your worst nightmare.
Mobb DeepGive Up The Goods (Just Step)N/A2010/01/27I think that the only Mobb Deep song I've ever listened to before is "Shook Ones (Pt. II)." Think they said everything in that one.