ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Manchester Orchestra100 DollarsN/A2010/05/09If this ain't blues, I don't know what is.
Manchester OrchestraShake It OutN/A2010/02/10I find few bands who lay it all on the line like Manchester Orchestra. I feel as if they have to be scraped off of the stage by the time they're done.
Manchester OrchestraPride N/A2009/12/30Manchester Orchestra are the perfect blend of blues and punk music--completely and utterly visceral.
Manchester OrchestraEverything to NothingN/A2009/11/04"You mean everything to nothing, you mean everything to nobody... but me."
Manchester Orchestra100 DollarsN/A2009/10/21A short song, but extremely powerful and poignant.
Manchester OrchestraIn My TeethN/A2009/10/07I cannot get enough of this album--Mean Everything to Nothing
Manchester OrchestraI've Got FriendsN/A2009/09/30I'm new to this band, but I've heard great things and what I've heard is more than solid.