ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
MF DoomBurdock RootSpecial Herbs, Vols. 0-92011/04/11
MF DoomPennyroyalSpecial Herbs: Vol. 52011/04/04Doom cuts up the disco samples like it's nobody's business.
MF DoomRhymes Like Dimes (ft. Cucumber Slice)Operation: Doomsday2011/04/04Doom's got a combination of a conversational/ old school style.
MF DoomPodinaSpecial Herbs, Vol. 92011/03/28
MF DoomCoca LeafSpecial Herbs, Vol. 92011/03/21I have to pick up that boxed set of all the Special Herbs releases. Fucking lunch box.
MF DoomLemon GrassSpecial Herbs, Vol. 42011/03/07Thai food is the truth!
MF Doom & MF GrimmDedicated (Instrumental)MF EP2011/02/07Say what you will about MF Doom, but this beat FR-FR-FRESH!