ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
KRS-One & True Master1-2, Here's What We Gonna Do (ft. RZA) N/A2011/11/20"Pragmatic when it comes to static." Oh RZA...
KRS-One & True MasterKnowledge Reigns SupremeN/A2011/10/02KRS is the OG retrospective MC.
KRS-OneWannabemceez N/A2010/09/05Keep on Premo...
KRS-OneMC's Act Like They Don't KnowN/A2010/06/13KRS-One's going to be performing "Criminal Minded" at RTB. Oh, and DJ Premier's going to be there, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KRS-OneMCs Act Like They Don't KnowN/A2010/04/11KRS and Primo make beautiful music together.
KRS-OneCriminal MindedN/A2010/03/07Had to play that throwback track right there. It's always important to know where the art form developed from.