ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
K-MurdockBrown Eyes (ft. Commoners & Kings) [ The Ronin]N/A2011/09/19
K-MurdockSummer Interlude/HazeMood Muzik Vol. 1 (Seasons) 2010/12/11K-Murdock is arguably the best producer to come on the hip hop scene in the past few years.
K-MurdockPhoenixMood Muzik Vol. 1 (Seasons)2010/12/11Great re-imagining of Sabzi's incredible beat off legendary cut "Sagaba."
K-MurdockSnowflakesMood Muzik Vol. 1 (Seasons)2010/12/11How apropos.
K-MurdockThe Pack-Up LineMood Muzik Vol. 1 (Seasons)2010/12/11Great beat turned into an even better song.
K-MurdockConcrete Jungle [from Mood Muzik Vol. 2 (Piano-rama)]N/A2010/11/20Dope cut
K-MurdockSummer Interlude/HazeN/A2010/01/27I know people were looking in the rearview mirror when they heard those sirens... Haha...