ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Jefferson AirplaneHigh Flyin' BirdEarly Flight2011/01/01"I wish it was the Sixties, I wish I could be happy..." Bajajaja.
Jefferson Airplane High Flyin' BirdEarly Flight2010/12/04Throw the radio into the bathtub
Jefferson AirplaneHIgh Flyin' BirdN/A2010/11/06Early trip
Jefferson AirplaneWhite RabbitN/A2010/03/28(I feel like I'm in the depths of the Vietcong jungle when I hear this track. - Jimbo)
Jefferson AirplaneSomebody to LoveN/A2010/02/14The quintessential V-Day song in my estimation.
Jefferson AirplaneWhite RabbitN/A2010/01/20I saw a Vietnam movie the other day. Whenever I think about Vietnam, I think about how fucked up everything was, and still is.
Jefferson AirplaneSomebody to LoveN/A2010/01/06Live at Woodstock) (This song is the truth. It is the essence.
Jefferson AirplaneSomebody to LoveN/A2009/11/04What is life aside from a quest to find someone to personify your feelings of love?